Is the proposed new structure for local government in the Wairarapa simpler than the current structure?

Why this question is important:

Legally, any proposed change must be a clear improvement over the status quo.

The draft proposal stated (p22. Annex 2 - Advantages and disadvantages of the draft proposal) that:

b. The governance structure would be simplified, with fewer multi and single council committees, task groups and working parties. The new structure would be

· more effective

· more easily understood and transparent, and

· easier for Wairarapa-wide groups and businesses to engage with.

Diagram comparing the current to the proposed structure


  • The overall numbers are very similar (42 or more), may be more people than currently if the standing committees have more people.
  • Real decision making goes down to 13 people from 30 people.
  • The number of people on community boards rises from 12 to 21 (plus councillors).
  • There are unelected officials on the standing committees.
  • Relationship with GWRC stays the same.

Is this a simpler structure?

No reduction in overall numbers, fewer decision-makers, unelected officials. your social media marketing partner